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Our Mission
The Mark Zinger Memorial Foundation (“Zinger Foundation”) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to sustaining the legacy of Mark Zinger, the eminent and much-loved violin soloist and pedagogue. The Zinger Foundation provides financial and other forms of support for future generations of motivated and talented violinists pursuing professional careers in performance and/or teaching—violinists who embody the dedication, passion for music and life, and compassion of Professor Zinger.
Larisa Zhizhin, Igor Zhizhin, Jeremy Black, and Dr. Allan Dennis are the founders and the board of directors of the Zinger Foundation.
Our History
The Zinger Foundation was established by the board of directors with the encouragement of family, friends, colleagues, and students of Professor Mark Zinger after his passing. Over the course of an illustrious 70-year professional career as a soloist and professor of violin performance in both the former Soviet Union and the United States, Professor Zinger created a three-generation legacy of more than 200 professional violin performers and teachers who have worked or performed in over 30 different countries. The Zinger Foundation aims to support individuals that exemplify his contagious passion for life through music and to serve as a portal for all those shaped by his legacy. Through concerts, master classes, competitions, and scholarships, we aim to connect those trained by Professor Zinger with the next generation of performers and pedagogues.
Why Contribute
By supporting the Zinger Foundation, donors will be providing much-needed support to talented but financially challenged young musicians, enabling those students  to pursue their passion for violin performance and teaching. In the spirit of Professor Zinger, financial support for outstanding violin performance reinforces the unmatched universal impact of music to unite, empower, and inspire humanity.
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